8 Facts About Baptists You Must Know

The origins of the Baptist church dates back to the early 17th century. It was first established in Amsterdam with John Smith serving as the pastor. Soon the practice of the Baptists spread to England. Today, the Baptists are among Protestant Christianity’s well-known denominations. The name comes from its primary belief in the baptism of … Read more

6 Greatest Christian Denominations Renowned Globally

Christianity is a religion that teaches humanity the value of love and peace. Although it has more than two billion followers worldwide, there are different denominations in it. Some of them have thousands of affiliated churches while others operate on a small scale. Typically, there are differences between denominations with regards to their views on … Read more

4 Biblical Epics Worth Watching

Filmmakers continue to come up with some amazing movies on biblical stories. Of course, many films that were based on the Bible focused on Jesus Christ. However, you might’ve also come across movies about Noah and Moses. Most of these films have been family-friendly, but there are some that cater to mature audiences. Now, let’s … Read more

5 Amazing Benefits of Christian Music for Believers

Music has been extremely effective in religious services since centuries. Many also use it as an effective tool for therapy. You’ll certainly sense something powerful, mysterious, and mesmerizing about music, which can completely change your mood. The scriptures narrate the tale of David playing music to provide relief to King Saul. So, there’s no doubt … Read more